Static HTML Sites
If you have a small budget for time and money then a static site is the best option. It doesn’t need updating too often, simple to code, simple to host, fewest security issues of all the options.

Dynamic HTML Sites
Dynamic HTML Sites are similar to Static HTML Sites in it has the fewest security issues. The big difference is that DHML Sites are animated using CSS and JavaScript. DHTML sites are for those companies in highly competitive industries that need to stand out from the competition.

PHP is a web language that allows for the reading/writing of information to a MySQL database. This allows for an ever-growing amount of information to be searchable and be displayed in a PHP template. A PHP MySQL HTML Site can be quite costly but allows for natural data growth without further site coding or development.

PHP MySQL Dynamic HTML Sites
Similar to PHP MySQL HTML Sites, PHP MySQL Dynamic HTML Sites adds animated elements through the use of CSS and JavaScript.

WordPress and other CMS Sites
If you want a good-looking PHP MySQL HTML site up and running fast then a CMS such as WordPress will be ideal. Seaford Services can find and customise a WordPress template to suit your companies Corporate Identity. Seaford Services can add all of your content requirements or simply get it up and running and you over the keys.

Static image creation
It doesn’t matter what content is needed, Seaford Services can create static images for the website.

Image Manipulation
The Director of Seaford Services has been an Adobe PhotoShop avid user since the 1990s and the advent of Adobe PhotoShop 1 on the Mac Classic and is still up to date.

Since before the days of the advent of Digital SLRs the Director of Seaford Services has been an avid photographer.

“I loved my first Ricoh KR5 SLR with a 50mm lens (1 : 1 . 2) and Ektachrome 64 film (almost grainless)”

Christopher Andrew Ford
Photographer At Seaford Services

Seaford Services is experienced in the creation of video footage and editing for the final output of advertisements.

Seaford Services currently uses Blender 3D whose community of developers are rather large.